I am a Lead guitarist with 35+ years experience but also play drums, bass, ukulele, sing backing vocals, play some keys and harmonica.   Currently I play lead guitar for a several projects.  I also appear in guest spots in a couple others from time to time.  Have been teaching guitar for 30+ years both in private lessons as well as song writing workshops and guitar clinics for beginning to advanced players.  Work on guitars and basses doing anything from basic setup’s, electronics, fret dressings, and beyond.  You can see some of my instruments in My Gear page.

I write music in a wide variety of styles and genres ranging from New Age and ambient sounds to progressive heavy rock/metal.  Released a solo album titled “Total Effect” in 2009 and have released several albums with other various bands.  Was signed to an indie record label in the early 1990’s. During that time I wrote and released an album titled “Masterpiece of Confusion” with the band Metal Fatigue. This record received good reviews and was on radio in regular rotation in Belgium and Holland.  I have been on the Cable TV show “Wild About Philly” twice performing live and have been on radio several times giving interviews with live acoustic performances. Played everywhere from bowling alleys & private parties to the main stage of the House of Blues in AC, NJ. I have written music for several local movie and film credits segments with the latest being for being in a video for the Nassau Hockey League.

My favorite thing about music itself is that it is so vast.  There is so much good material out there that a musician could not possibly get to learn & play it all in a lifetime.  But I’m trying my hardest…