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Guitar Tip Boosting Solo Volume Quickly.

Hey Guys,

I have posted this one before but have been getting a few questions on boosting guitar volume during solos.  Here is my blog on that again....  

Here is a quick guitar tip that will help all the lead guitarists out there.  Whether I'm in a single or multi-guitar type band, I always use a clean boost pedal such as the MXR Microamp to boost my solo volume quickly.  Once hit of the switch, play my solo, hit it again to go back down to regular volume.

To do this, run your clean boost pedal in the effects loop of your amp.  The effects loop is normally placed between the pre-amp and amp sections of your guitar amplifier.  So, no matter what sounds you have dialed in, you can boost that volume for your solo.  Works great and lets you be heard instead of buried in the mix.

Normally another distortion in front of the amp to boost your volume only makes it more distorted.  

Try it out...